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"The Brave Discount"

If you are Military, Law Enforcement, or Fire fighter, you are eligible for our "Brave" discount- a free wireless monitored smoke detector ($115 value) when you purchase a system, as an appreciation of your brave service.
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Small Business Security Solutions
Robbery has become an increasing threat. Prepare as if you’re going to be a victim.

Have you noticed the trend? Robberies, at businesses of all kinds, have increased dramatically.

The reason is simple: thieves want quicker access to cash, and they can get it if they steal cash directly, rather than fence merchandise or office equipment. It’s a bigger crime than burglary and comes with stiffer penalties, but today’s bolder criminals just don’t care.

Normally relegated to retailers with expensive inventories, the emerging trend in robbery has been to target businesses that are not normally high up on the “best to rob” list.

In short, anywhere cash is likely located along with less risk for the robber. So, as businesses with high levels of vulnerability to robbery have increased their security and procedures to respond to robbers, robbers have decided to “take their business elsewhere” – to a host of businesses which in the past have NOT been typical robbery targets.

Today’s lesson… If you’ve got cash, you’ve got potential problems.

Robberies usually include a confrontation between the criminal and an employee, oftentimes a store’s customer, and most frequently, a weapon. That’s a recipe for disaster and a reason for business owners of all kinds to lose sleep. Security Integration Solutions is concerned you’re not covered, so remember these simple tips.

Video Surveillance Systems for Small Business
At Security Integration Solution, we believe the best security solutions are the ones that help you grow your business as well as protect it. Our broad range of small business surveillance systems can help you reduce many of the top risks that can affect your business. And in today’s growing claimant of smash and grab crooks it’s smart to take a closer look at just what’s your business Life Safety protocols are available.   

Security Camera Surveillance Will Help You See Your Business More Clearly
Digital video lets you manage visual information from virtually any place, anytime. Our business surveillance systems help provide you with a level of organizational awareness and control that until now was previously unimaginable. Let one of our experienced sales representative's assist you in designing a customized video surveillance system that meets your current needs as well as your future ones.
Let one of our experienced Life Safety Specialist help you design a customized video surveillance system that meets your current needs as well as your future ones.

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SIS Benefits of a Digital Video Surveillance System



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