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"The Brave Discount"

If you are Military, Law Enforcement, or Fire fighter, you are eligible for our "Brave" discount- a free wireless monitored smoke detector ($115 value) when you purchase a system, as an appreciation of your brave service.
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Yes, implementing an alarm system is one way to defend your home against unwanted entry – but it’s only the first step toward comprehensive, reliable protection. What’s the most effective level of precaution? Home monitoring services from Security Integration Solutions.

With our home monitoring services, you can rest assured that experienced, trained security agents are standing by 24/7 from an attentive central station. When your alarm signal reaches the station (immediately after activating), an agent will:

It’s the most effective means of protecting your home and its occupants, and it’s available through one affordable package from Security Integration Solutions. For those who desire additional protection, we offer a variety of add-on equipment. Feel free to ask about these options during your free security analysis.

2-Way Voice Communication

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that Security Integration Solutions Central Security operators could communicate directly with persons within the home; asking if everything is OK, or if they needed assistance from anyone? This service is highly appealing to virtually anyone. It places our customers in direct communication with our trained central station operators when “Right Now Matters Most”.

Personal Emergency Response System

Some people want the peace of mind of having immediate communications with our central station, but do not want a full-scale home security system. Security Integration Solutions provides a comprehensive Personal Emergency Response System suited for the needs of anyone coming home from the hospital; someone who suffers from a medical condition that may require immediate assistance; or for the elderly or anyone with mobility challenges help those we care for and love. Ask about how to implement Home Surveillance into your Personal Emergency Response System.

Wireless Home Monitoring: No Phone Line Required

If you do not own a home telephone line. That’s okay! At Security Integration Solutions, we always provide the most advanced solutions for our customers; offer each customer the opportunity to go 100% wireless with their home security system. When your alarm sounds, the security agent can communicate with you via our system, powered by secure wireless communications – not your land-based phone line.

If you do have a land line, wireless home monitoring is still an appealing option. It ensures your uninterrupted communication with our agent, regardless of phone lines that were cut by an intruder or disrupted by a power outage.

Monitored Fire Alarm Services

Security Integration Solutions monitored smoke detectors finish performing the job, when stand-alone detectors fall critically short. Not only do monitored smoke detectors sound an alarm inside the home when they activate, but they ALSO send an emergency fire signal to our central station, clearly indicating there’s a fire on site.

Our central station operators then take over and communicate directly with the home to see if anyone’s there, while simultaneously dispatching the fire department. They can help minimize fire damage and save lives in ways that stand-alone detectors can’t. Security Integration Solutions monitored smoke detectors can be used to either replace or augment your stand-alone smoke detectors.

Smoke Detector Locations

Residential construction codes generally require that one smoke detector be installed on each floor of the home, subject to specific spacing requirements, except for the attic. ? One smoke detector installed in each bedroom. ? A smoke detector should also be installed in each hallway where the bedrooms are located. Please Note: Please check with your local Fire Marshal or AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) for the appropriate residential smoke detector coverage for your area.



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