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"The Brave Discount"

If you are Military, Law Enforcement, or Fire fighter, you are eligible for our "Brave" discount- a free wireless monitored smoke detector ($115 value) when you purchase a system, as an appreciation of your brave service.
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Keep Your Home Environment Safe
Protecting your home from burglary and fire is a great idea, but is it enough? Your home’s environment can present health risks to those who live there, and even risk to the structure itself. Security Integration Solutions provides our customers with a number of life-safety and property-saving environmental hazard detection and monitoring services. These can be added to any of our home security systems and allow users to gain much more value from our services. Comprehensive Central Monitoring Services everyday all the time! A burglar alarm system detects movement and allows for sensors to protect doors, windows, panic emergencies, flood emergencies, low temperatures emergencies for your freezer. As an added feature Security Integration Solutions can give important weather alerts and updates right to your security systems control panel.

Did you know that every day in America, over 7000 burglaries take place?

This means that a burglar enters a U.S. home every 12 seconds. And that’s just reported burglaries.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 50% of burglaries go unreported.
60% of burglaries occur while a home is occupied.
38% of robberies are committed with firearms
70% of American homes will be burglarized in the next 20 years

In the event that an intrusion takes place while you are away from home, your security alarm system will notify our central station. One of our operators will contact the home and activate the SIS two way communication channel. This enables them to listen to the events in the home. It also enables our operator to inform the burglar that the police have been dispatched, further ensuring that the burglar is on his way out of your house. In some circumstances, the security hardware and software will even enable our operator to follow the activities of the burglar, and pinpoint to the police where the burglar may be hiding.

Home Invasion / Intrusion:

If you are in the home and someone breaks in, you can press the panic buttons on your alarm keypad, or using the optional wireless remote, thus sending a distress signal to the police. With our Safe Link two-way voice monitoring, our central station operator will be able to listen and respond even if you can’t. The emergency response operator can also relay information to the police, who will already be on the way.

A Security Integration Solutions alarm system is an effective deterrent to both burglary and intrusion. So effective, in fact, that your insurance company may provide you with a discount of up to 20% off your homeowner’s insurance premiums once your alarm system has been installed.

Some Facts about Carbon Monoxide
Consider This…

Carbon Monoxide: What You Don’t Know (Or May Be Ignoring) Can Kill You!
Several thousand people lose their lives each year and over 15,000 are hospitalized due to carbon monoxide gas Security Integration Solutions is committed to lowering that grim statistic, one household at a time!
Those who are injured or die from carbon monoxide poisoning didn’t think they could or would. The unfortunate cost of hindsight is that they may never have a second chance to better understand the risk or make the right decision.

The SIS Difference…
Our carbon monoxide detectors are 100% monitored for activation and trouble conditions. Additionally, our CO monitoring service includes complete maintenance, testing and the replacement of CO detectors after they have reached their five-year end-of-life cycle. We also design CO monitoring systems that place detectors in all the right locations

Incorporate Home Video into Your Home Security Plan
Have you ever thought about how useful it would be to have the ability to log in to the cameras at will, anytime you want to see what’s going on at home?
Would you find peace of mind in seeing children returning home after school? Looking in on elderly or infirmed family members, the status of your pets, or just a general check up of your primary or secondary home? How about receiving video pictures any time you have an alarm at your home?
If so, then here’s a convenient, high technology and relatively inexpensive means to do so. SIS Video allows you to install up to eight IP-based video cameras in your home or business and view live video and recorded clips from just about anywhere via your cell phone, PDA or computer.
With SIS Video, you can receive email and/or text messages when video is recording, view hundreds of recorded clips online, and even watch LIVE video from your home or business any time you want. All that’s required is a standard broadband connection.
Think about the possibilities? SEE what’s going on at home without needing to BE home! See real time video clips of what happened at your home anytime, anywhere,
24 / 7! Along with the most advanced security system in place, you can only imagine your freedom to control what matters now.

Complete Awareness, Convenience and Control

Get more out of your security system with SIS Interactive Services, powered by Experience the unparalleled benefits of increased security, the ability to control your system from your cell phone or computer and real-time alerts and updates whenever something is going on at home through an advanced security system.

Better Security

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