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"The Brave Discount"

If you are Military, Law Enforcement, or Fire fighter, you are eligible for our "Brave" discount- a free wireless monitored smoke detector ($115 value) when you purchase a system, as an appreciation of your brave service.
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Fire Detection

Design & Engineering

Automatic fire detection alarm systems from Security Integration Solutions protect a licensed fire alarm contractor in the state of NC; our mission is simple providing the earliest possible warning of a fire situation through engineered authority one design at a time. SIS code compliant systems are noted for practicality, reliability and long system life. They interface with building sprinkler systems and other building control systems.

Use SIS for Automatic Fire Detection Systems

There are no second chances when it comes to protecting your NC business facility. That's why SIS meets or exceeds the performance standards established by the State of NC, Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.), and the National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies (NICET) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for automatic fire detection systems. SIS fire protection design, system equipment and personnel are all carefully selected to ensure the best possible protection from fire for your NC business facility.


Fire Alarm Inspection and Testing

Fire alarm system inspection and testing from SIS reduces the risk of non-performance from your fire alarm system when you need it most. It is Fire Alarm code compliant in NC requiring fire alarm system testing and inspection. It is also sound business sense. Inspection agreements available 24/7 and try not to for get to have you emergency exit lighting, back up lighting and fire extinguishers checked and tagged.

Fire System Monitoring

Why Fire Alarm Monitoring with SIS?

Security Integration Solutions of North Carolina is the company to use for fire alarm system monitoring when your business can afford nothing less than the best. Response time and top quality information are crucial to fire officials when combating a fire and SIS has taken industry leading measures to ensure world class quality and service for you.

Here's how we help:

Integration with other systems

Fire Alarm System Integration with Other Building Systems

Successful automatic fire alarm detection system integration with other building systems is crucial from a legal, liability and business operations perspective. Some of the more common building systems that may require integration with the automatic fire alarm/sprinkler system include the access control system, security alarm system, building ventilation system, process monitoring, elevator control, voice mass notification systems and more. Itís critical that fire alarm integration with other systems be done in a way that is insurance company and product manufacturer compliant. Many North Carolina companies fail to consider that element, only to have non-performance and insurance company litigation in the event of emergency. If your new construction or remodeling project requires fire alarm system integration with other building systems, speak with SIS about the benefits SIS brings to its customers.



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